Vol 25 Issue 19

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Last time we gave a rather complete report of the main business of Synod and that which consumed most of the time of meeting. Besides the items mentioned in our last report there were various miscellaneous matters treated and decided upon.

Young Men! Where Are They?

There was a call issued to young men in our denomination who would take up the work of the ministry. But the Synod of 1949 has come and gone, and there is no one who answered the call. None came forth to be enrolled in our school. None to take up the ministry. None to heed this work of the Lord. It is two years now since there has been a graduation from our theological school. Where are the young men? We need young men.

Detecting and Labeling

In connection with the Common Grace world-and-life view, labeled or unlabeled, on which we commented last time, we want to add a line or two.

Reply To Rev. Petter (Continued)

Dear Brother:— Especially my last article must have made it crystal clear to you that the doctrine contained in your proposition is heretical and that in denying its contrary you repudiate the truth. But, of course, I am only a sinful, fallible man. I therefore may be in error. If so, please instruct me. Such again is my request. You must realize that you are under the necessity of doing one of two: 1) of pronouncing your proposition false; 2) or of proving, my argument false. The latter you as yet have not even attempted.

Facts and Figures

Did you ever stop to consider just how much, or how little, our church and denomination really cost us and how much we receive for the price we pay? People complain at times about the size of their congregational budget or the (rising cost of denominational life. In this article a few pertinent facts and figures will be given.