Vol 25 Issue 17

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Labeled or Unlabeled

If one reads again “Van Zonde En Genade” (alas that this book was not translated into the English), one feels that at the bottom of the Three Points of Nineteen-Twenty-Four there lay a certain world-and- life view. That our leaders at that time had to fight again for the truths of unconditional salvation, absolute sovereignty of God, and the total depravity of man, was due, in no small part, to the prevailing false world-and-life view. In nineteen-twenty-four the error root was there and it shot forth Three Points above the ecclesiastical ground.

Rev. Petter Replies

I—G.M.O.—will reproduce Rev. Petter’s article, paragraph by paragraph, and write down my remarks as I go along. Rev. Petter writes:

The Grace of God

This Grace of God, According to Prof. Berkhof.

Church Weddings and Bridal Parties

It is high time that we reply to the article of the Reverend De Boer concerning the question of bridal parties and church weddings.