Vol 25 Issue 13

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Report of Classis West

Convened, Mar. 2, at Edgerton, Minn. Rev. A. Cammenga calls the meeting to order. After the usual preliminaries the credentials’ are forwarded and approved and the meeting is declared constituted. Rev. L. Doezema now functions as chairman and Rev. A. Cammenga as secretary.

What Authority? . . . .

In the February 11 number of The Banner the Rev. A. Persenaire discusses the always important question of the authority of Synodical decisions. At this time we will not go into all the incidental applications and implications of the article but will remain with the main questions. We will quote from the article rather freely and add a few remarks.

David Displeased

We are occupied with the transportation of the ark to mount Zion. There are some points in the narrative to which we must return. Stating that David with all the people that were with him went to Baal-Judah to bring up from thence the ark of God, the writer in anticipation of the events that he wants to relate continues, “whose name (the name of the ark) is called by the name of the Lord of hosts that dwelleth between the cherubim.” The thought conveyed is that the Lord put His name upon the ark.


From the Rev. P. De Boer we received the following contribution: Rev. H. Hoeksema, Marriages In The Church.

Propositions Concerning the Covenant of Grace

The fifth proposition which Dr. F. L. Bos and Rev. E. G. van Teylingen jointly subscribe to, reads as follows:

A Few Corrections, Please!

In the Calvin Forum, March, 1949, the Rev. Paul De Koekkoek writes an article about the situation in Canada in which occurs the following paragraph: