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Signs In The Gospel Of John: The Beginnings of Signs (concluded) (John 2:11-11)

Many long years had passed by. And always the mother of Jesus was pondering in her heart concerning the meaning of all this Word of God, this revelation concerning her son. And while she pondered, and, no doubt, instructed Him, He “increased and grew strong, filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon Him”. For thirty years she had watched this marvelous son, and all the while she pondered.

Renaissance Popes: Sixtus IV (1471-1484)

The last series of articles appearing in this magazine under the above caption were on the papacy. This article is a continuation of that series. We were occupied with the Renaissance Popes, 1431-1521. Before we proceed it is well to get our bearings.

Saul’s Duplicity

As we have seen, Saul refuses to sumbit to his sentence of deposition and the loss of his kingdom pronounced over him by Samuel in the name of God. Contrary to the revealed will of the Lord that he abdicate his throne to make room for his God-appointed successor, Saul is determined to maintain himself in power and to secure his throne for his kin. Accordingly, he will be on the alert for that “neighbor” better than he to kill him as soon as he can be certain that he has identified him.

Our Covenant God

We concluded our previous article with the observation that God’s covenant with His people constitutes the very essence of eternal life. We must not identify the idea of the covenant with a promise. God, then, establishes His covenant with man merely by bestowing upon him His promise of eternal life. And, according to the late i rof. Heyns, this promise must be understood as intended for all the children of the covenant, as given to all without distinction. This, of course, is the Arminian conception of salvation.

A Riddle

The following article was cut from the periodical “De Strijdende Kerk”, of which Rev. G. Toornvliet is the Editor-in-chief. He writes as follows: I translate: TO AMERICA Prof. Schilder went to America. From what I heard the Rev. Van Dijk will follow him. Their purpose is to give elucidation.