Vol 24 Issue 14

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Report Of Classis West

In Session March 3, 1948 at Hull, Iowa The meeting was opened with the usual devotionals, conducted by Rev. J. Blankespoor, president of the previous meeting. All the churches of Classis West were represented by two delegates except Bellflower and Redlands who represented only by their respective ministers. The delegates present for the first time signed the Formula of Subscription.

The Objective of Christian Education

The Objective. Turning once more to the “General Course of Schools, we find that their objective is, ‘a thorough indoctrination of the pupil in the fundamentals of Study’ as prepared by the Lutheran Evangelical Christianity.”

The Papacy During The Period Of The Reformation (Adrian VI.—1522-23)

On August 31 (1522) Adrian was crowned in St. Peter’s. For many years Rome had not seen such a pontiff. He was pious and sincere and of irreproachable morals. He hated luxury and dissipation with which Leo, his predecessor, filled the papal palace.

The Men Of Keilah

So had Saul smitten Nob, the city of priests. All had died with the exception of Abiathar, one of Ahimelech’s sons.

Our Covenant God

God’s Covenant and The Promise. (Rom. 9)

The Creston Overture

The overture, treated at our April meeting of Classis East, is the following: Grand Rapids, Mich. January 6, 1948. To the Synod of the Prot. Ref. Churches to convene in Grand Rapids, June, 1948 Esteemed Brethren: The Consistory of the Creston Prot. Ref. Church at Grand Rapids, Mich., hereby calls the following to your attention:

Divine Distinction

“That ye may know how that the Lord doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel.” Exodus 11:7b There is one thing in this history which has puzzled us no end, and that is the fact that Moses and Aaron could freely move in Egypt, appear at Pharaoh’s court, tell him in no uncertain terms his sins against God, and disappear unscathed.