Vol 24 Issue 13

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A Change, but Essentially Nothing New

During the past several months it has been revealed through the Lord’s guidance, that our congregation at Holland received another pastor and shepherd. And although this is a change in that we no. longer hear the voice of our former pastor Rev. W. Hofman, and now hear our present pastor Rev. B. Kok, essentially nothing new has taken place in that both of these beloved brethren set forth to us the Word of life.


Reflection. . . . With the hope in our heart that his words may be heard and acted upon we call attention to an address delivered, before a Calvin Alumni gathering, by the Rev. Harry R. Boer, Missionary to Nigeria of the Christian Reformed Churches, and published in the Calvin Forum of January, 1948.

The Objective of Christian Education*

*Paper delivered at the Ministers’ Conference of Classis West on March 4, 1948.

Eating The Lord’s Passover (continued)

So then, it is the people of Israel who eat the passover. For the passover is a holy thing. This being true, it may be eaten only by that people, righteous and holy, not certainly by themselves, but in Christ. That the passover lamb was a holy thing is plainly brought out by the text. The text states that it was, had to be, a lamb without blemish, and a male of the first year. Nothing of the lamb, as prepared for eating, might be left until the morning; that which remained of it until the morning had to be...

The Papacy During The Period Of The Reformation (Adrian VI—1522-23)

Leo having died, the cardinals, to whom fell the task of electing a new pontiff, shut themselves up in the conclave for that purpose. (The conclave is the set of rooms within which, since 1274, the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are secluded while choosing a new pope). Their object was to choose a pope who would respect their privileges, secure the political importance of the papacy, and be acceptable to Charles V and Henry VIII, king of England. There were several possible candidates for the papal office.

The Priests in Nob Slain

As we have seen, Saul hears David has men with him. The king’s heart is moved. To him it is the certain indication that at any time now the son of Jesse will deal him the blow that will hurl him and his house from the throne. The king is terrified. He is persuaded in his heart that the whole people, including his fellow tribesmen, have forsaken him to a man and gone over to the side of David. Calling together his officers of state, he lodges against them the most outrageous charges. The servants of Saul stand speechless all...

The Covenant Controversy (6): With Whom Established, (cont.)

In our last editorial on the covenant controversy, we were treating that wonderful passage of Col. 1:13-19. And we intimated that we would like to say more on that score, but that this would wait for further issues. What we had in mind is that part of the above Scripture which speaks of the fact that all things are created by Him and for Kim, and also that He is before all things.