Vol 24 Issue 09

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The Land Of The Living

There are certain expressions that we hear repeatedly in conversations, sermons or prayers. They may have been borrowed from Scripture, which gives them an even more familiar ring. Possibly we have become accustomed to using them ourselves, without giving much thought to their exact meaning.

Gaining Others to Christ

Gaining Others To Christ. We all subscribe to this statement. It is another question whether we are very conscious of this doctrine and whether we diligently practice it. In our Catechism the question is asked why we must still do good works, since we are delivered by grace. The Catechism cites three reasons. One of these reasons or purposes is expressed in the title given above.

Renaissance Popes: Julius II, The Warrior Pope (1508-1513)

Alexander was succeeded by Pius III. Though a pontiff, he, too, was the unmarried man of a large family. A month after his elevation to the papal throne, he died from the gout and other infirmities. His successor was Julius II, whose original name was Giuliano delle Rovere. The place of his birth was Savona and his parents were humble people. As an occupant of the chair of St. Peter, he was a pope only in name, his ambition being solely regal and military and in no sense ecclesiastical.

David Is Afraid

Fleeing before the face of Saul, David, as accompanied by Samuel, took up his residence in the quiet retreat of the prophets of Naioth. But as we have seen, his rest in that place was of short duration. Saul learned his hiding place, and sent messengers to take him. Their arrival in Naioth was sudden. Time for flight there was not. David was trapped. But the Lord came to the rescue. The messengers, including the master who sent them—king Saul—arrived each time during the meetings of the prophets.

Our Covenant God

In this article we would continue our discussion to confirm Scripturally our conception of the living God with man. God’s covenant with His people is not a promise, or a contract, or an agreement, or an alliance, but the relationship of living friendship of the living God with His own in Christ Jesus. In support of this conception we have until now established, in the first place, that Adam was created in a living relationship of friendship with the alone blessed God.

The Covenant Controversy (2): Introduction (continued)

The last time we wrote under this theme, we called your attention to the fact that before we wish to enter upon the controversy proper, it would be well to outline in how far we are agreed with the Liberated Churches. You understand, of course, that speaking confessionally, in the strict and narrow sense of the word, we are agreed with them: they, that is, the Reformed Churches, maintaining Art.