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Report of Classis East in session Jan. 7, 1948

Report of Classis East in session Jan. 7, 1948 at Grand Rapids, Mich. The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. M. Gritters. After the singing of Psalter No. 176 he reads Romans 12 and leads in prayer.


Condolences and Congratulations…. We recently received word from the Rev. G. Lubbers that he has been ill for the past four weeks. He has been unable to occupy his pulpit in Randolph, Wisconsin since December 7. He writes: “First it was ‘flu’—then it was ‘congestion in lungs’, but blood test shows undulant fever. I lost 18 pounds but have regained 8. Incessant fever, goes up to about 101-6 every day. Can rest in the Lord’s way.”

The Patience Of Job

This is an emergency measure. We are sorry to hear that Rev. Lubbers is ill, which prevents him from filling this department for the present. Our readers will be disappointed that his regular series of articles on the “Signs In The Gospel Of John” will not appear for a few issues, awaiting his recovery. M ay the Lord speedily restore him to health that he may soon resume his various duties among us.

Growth in Prayer

GROWTH IN PRAYER In a former article we attempted to describe the need for growth in prayer life. There is, we said, always the danger of falling into custom-praying and into formalism. Therefore we should ever be on our guard.

David’s Trust In God

It is becoming more and more plain that the Lord is taking the kingdom from Saul and giving it to that “neighbor” better than he. Saul sees and knows but he persists in fighting God. His heart is hard and always harder. It is a hardening process by which Saul is being visited characterized by clearly discernible stages. The first stage in the process was reached when Saul began to eye David. Next he stabbed at David with his javelin. David had to leap in order to avoid being pierced through.

The Covenant Controversy (1): Introduction

The undersigned does not know whether or not he will be enabled to finish a contemplated series of editorials on the above theme. And the reason is plain. He is appointed to substitute for the regular Editor-in-Chief, the Rev. H. Hoeksema, who is convalescing from a recent illness. And the stipulation reads that as soon as our Editor is able to resume his rubric or rubrics, he simply acquaints his substitute or substitutes, and that will be the end of their work.


“Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.” I Cor. 13:4