In Appreciation

Dear Editor:

In the role of a faithful reader of the Standard Bearer I beg of you a little space to thank the writers of the various rubrics and feature articles in your priceless magazine. In the April 15 issue, which I have at hand, I found reasons for appreciation: In Rev. Schipper leading us in the meditation of our “change” in the last moment of time; for the editor’s warning against the dangers of academic freedom which lead to heresies; for Rev. Harbach’s inimitable phraseology, “like a titanic, wrap-around, three-dimensional television screen with the volume turned up full, clearly reveal the invisible things of God by the things that are made,” as he directs our attention to the powerful witness found in Psalm 19:1, 2; for Rev. Veldman’s contemplation of the doctrines of the church which declare that God requires of us a general preaching of a particular promise; for Rev. Hanko’s provocative special feature concerning Christian stewardship in the matter of school tuition; for the faculty letter of information concerning our Seminary; for Rev. Engelsma’s concern for reformation in Luther’s time in Christian education; for the welcome news from our Jamaican Missionary and their dispensing of the mercies of Christ represented in the clothing sent form the States; for the pictorial news item of an officebearers’ conference held in Pella; and last, but not least, for the page of church news which we all read first.

And to think that every year you turn out twenty other issues full of like treasures! We thank you, editors, one and all!

I wanted to sign myself Anonymous, that I might truly represent each one of us; but I know that the editor does not permit anonymous contributions.

—J.M.F., Grand Rapids, MI