We are taking this opportunity to acquaint our readers, subscribers, consistories, and societies with some facts concerning the work, distribution of the Standard Bearer and the cost of printing of each issue.

The cost of printing and mailing each copy is about 20 cents per copy, which figured on a yearly basis brings the cost to approximately $4.40 per year, while our subscription price still remains at $2.50 per year. We hope that it will not be necessary to increase this yearly rate. During the past month we have sent notices and letters to some of our subscribers. If you have received such a notice or letter and have not responded, will you please do so.

As you read this notice you may wonder how this difference between cost and subscription is being taken care of. This we have been able to do thus far because certain congregations and a few societies have remembered the work of the Standard Bearer with offerings and gifts. For this we wish to express a word of appreciation and thanks.

It should also be remembered that the Standard Bearer is circulated to interest God’s people everywhere in the Reformed truth. For this reason it should be considered as a missionary endeavor. Copies are being sent to India, Ireland, England and Canada. 40 copies of each issue are mailed to the Netherlands for use in schools, colleges and church societies. Certain ministers in the Netherlands and the United States receive copies. We have received a request from one of our missionaries for 25 copies of each issue. All these are furnished and mailed free of charge.

We believe for the reasons mentioned above that ALL of our congregations should remember this work and our societies can help us by keeping the Standard Bearer in mind when monies are donated to Kingdom causes.

In anticipation of this. . . . Thank you.

The Board of the R. F. P. A.