1. Establish assistance funds for our own Protestant Reformed married as well as single students.

2. Help secure where needed part time work for students.

3. Prepare a seminary descriptive brochure and send copies to our churches to be distributed and displayed in our church tract racks.

4. Advertise the seminary in The Standard Bearerand Beacon Lights.

5. By our brochures and magazines, send out a call for students from all Protestant denominations. Emphasize that we preach the infallible Word of God, and the great Reformation theology; that we separate from the modernist, liberalist-ecumenical movement; that we preach and contend for the faith once-for-all delivered to the saints.

6. Have the lofty Christian aim to make the seminary a real missionary endeavor, a center of biblical-theological learning for students from any denomination, who are willing to study under our God-centered curriculum, earn the diploma then go, after graduation, to wherever the Lord may lead them throughout Christendom.

One hundred students may be taught as well as one!!

7. In this way, interest our own, and the young men of Protestantism in general in a true, biblical, consistently Reformed ministry of the Word of God.

As the seminary goes, so goes the church!

Make the Seminary a seminary filled with students from the Protestant churches, who are willing to be instructed and our own young men will be attracted to, the school and our churches will have ministers.

Keep the Seminary a one-student institution and our churches and ministers will soon fade away.

Done in Consistory of Hope Protestant Reformed Church Isabel, So. Dak., Oct 2, 1962

—Milton H. Collmann, Clerk