Friday, May the ninth. 10 P.M.

About three hours ago undersigned arrived home again from a visit to all our churches in the West.

My speedometer indicates that I traveled seven thousand two hundred and nineteen miles.

About the trip and the work done I hope to write in the near future. Let it be sufficient at this time to state that we had a very pleasant and, I believe, a very blessed journey.

Just called up the printer of the Standard Bearer to find out how much copy was still wanted for the issue of May 15. Seventeen typewritten sheets, was the answer!

I confess my negligence in this case. For two issues I left sufficient copy before I left Grand Rapids. For the present number I wrote the meditation in sunny California. But I should have written much more. However, in four weeks I spoke twenty-five times, and for the rest, well, I did not feel very ambitious to sit down at the typewriter.

And so the reader will have to be satisfied with a few scribblings and my lecture on Nazism, as far as my part in the present issue of our paper is concerned.

From now on we hope to do better again.