Help Wanted!

Wanted—hundreds of lively, peppy, Protestant Re­formed young men and young women who are willing to give a generous part of their time and energy to the development and support of our Federation.

What work is there that must be done? First of all, the Publication Committee is endeavoring to launch a Federation paper in the near future. This is going to be your paper, devoted to the current needs of young people. Among its features will be included a Bible study outline suitable for Bible discussion hour in the various societies. Another feature will probably be the offering of a Scripture memorization plan. This plan will include a systematic arrangement of texts as well as hints and suggestions as to the best methods to follow in memorization work. Still another feature will be timely editorials on questions and problems which we as young people must face today. Now in order that this project may be a success, it is necessary that the Publication Committee has your full support. This is an ambitious undertaking, yet it can and will be a success if YOU get busy and see that your Society has a hundred percent subscription.

Another project requiring your aid is the lecture plan which the executive board will sponsor during the winter months. We plan to have a combined lecture and social gathering. We assure you that worth-while topics will be treated as well as the best speakers will be available. Your very important part is that you give the proper publicity to these arrangements so that they will be a smashing success.

Thirdly, begin to work to come to the big annual convention at Oak Lawn next year. Anyone who has been at our last two conventions will certainly say that if you miss this meeting, you are missing the greatest inspirational gathering of our young people.

Perhaps your society is not a member of the Feder­ation. Well, now is the time to do something about it. Don’t let distance or any factor hinder you or cause you to have any misgivings. We have provisions for associate as well as full membership and we suggest that you instruct your secretary to correspond with the Federation secretary, Miss Alice Van Baren, 1129 Bates St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan, and you can be sure that a suitable arrangement will be made with your local Society.

Let’s get busy, then. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in and you can be sure of a blessing, for as you sow, so shall you reap.

Homer G. Kuiper