In view of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ministry of Rev. Hoeksema, the following resolution was adopted by the P.R.Y.P.F. at the business meeting of the Convention.

“Resolved that the 1940 Convention of our Protestant Reformed Young People undertakes herewith to extend the most hearty congratulations of the Federation to the Reverend Herman Hoeksema upon the completion of his twenty-fifth year as a Minister of the Gospel, feeling confident that all of us will be ever grateful for the work he has done for us as Protestant Reformed people.

Our prayer is, however, that our lives will so clearly testify that we have had a truly Reformed training, that he, as our leader, will be encouraged-to continue that good work in the development of the Truth of the Scriptures.

And above all, may he be assured that he personally is not the end of our praise—but that truly we have learned that God alone is worthy of all Glory, and that men are praise-worthy only in-so-far and in-so-much as He has seen fit to work through them.”