Dear Father, as I kneel in prayer to Thee

Grant that my sin I may more clearly see;

That I may be appalled by its immensity.

The very best accomplishment of mine

Stands not alone, but sin does e’er entwine;

It chokes out righteousness as tendrils from a vine.

With Paul I must in humbleness confess:

The good that I would say, I can’t express;

The evil which I hate breaks forth in wickedness.

Then Paul asks how he can from this be free;

The answer’s found, O Lord, alone in Thee:

The blood of Thy dear Son is all my hope and plea.

Forgive, O Father, ev’ry wayward thought,

The words and deeds I have in darkness wrought;

Help me to follow Thy commandments as I ought.

Destroy my pride, my trust in Thee increase.

The knowledge of Thy love makes unrest cease:

Christ’s righteousness brings me abiding joy and peace!

Thelma Westra

Jenison, Michigan