In connection with a contemplated drive for funds to enlarge the Grand Rapids Christian High School, I was asked to write an editorial of recommendation.

I realize that it is somewhat extraordinary to comply with this request. For, first of all, it concerns a purely local matter, and that, too, one that has no interest for our churches in general. And The Standard Bearer is not a local paper, but meant for all our people. Besides, it is difficult to avoid the impression that this article is written for propaganda purposes. And our publication is not interested in any form of propaganda or advertisement.

Nevertheless, lest I should leave the impression that it is my opinion that our Protestant Reformed people are not concerned in this drive for funds, and that they have no responsibility to shoulder the financial burden connected with the Christian High, I promised to write a few lines about it.

The Grand Rapids Christian High School is in need of new buildings. Its enrollment of 280 pupils in 1920 has increased to an enrollment of 750 at the present time. In the last ten years the enrollment has doubled. Plans have been made for a complete building program at an estimated cost of three hundred thousand dollars.

A relatively large number of these pupils belong to the Protestant Reformed Churches of this city. In fact, I was somewhat surprised to find that they constitute twelve and one third percent of the total enrollment.

It is very plain that our people are responsible to make room for their own pupils, and to provide equipment for them.

And, although, as is well known, it is my conviction that our Protestant Reformed people should complete their own system of education, they certainly are under obligation to support the school that educates their children.

And they should never refuse to shoulder the financial burden connected with this responsibility.