Many of you have undoubtedly been wondering whether there is any progress being made with the publication of Rev. H. Hoeksema’s dogmatics. 

This is a progress report. 

During the past months, as soon as it became apparent that the goal in our drive for funds would be reached, a sub-committee has been busy investigating the best means of publishing this book and getting it on the market. At a recent meeting of the Permanent Committee for the Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature, this sub-committee brought a very attractive proposal. Mr. Robert Kregel, of Kregel Publications, presented a very detailed analysis of all the various steps involved and their cost, and offered to take charge of the entire project, including the farming out of composition (typesetting), printing, binding, jackets, etc., as well as assistance on sales and distribution and publicity, on a basis of cost plus $500. This was by far the most detailed and carefully worked out proposal obtained. Besides, it was nicely within bounds as far as available funds are concerned. The total cost, based on present estimates of the exact size of the book, comes to $5,859.50. Cash and pledges on hand, although I do not have the exact figures before me, total slightly more than this amount. 

How soon will the book appear? 

I cannot give you a definite date. However, as soon as a few details are worked out by the sub-committee, a contract is signed, and undersigned can confer with the printer on some of the details of composition, we can go ahead full speed. There is a large amount of work to be done yet, even after the first proofs are ready. Not only is there the work of proof-reading, which is time-consuming and meticulous work; but there is also the work of preparing a textual index and an index of subjects,—work which cannot be completed until the page-proofs are complete. The whole process will require several months; and estimates are that the book will be on the market some time in the fall of the year, D.V. But it will be worth waiting for! 

What will be the price of the book? If there is not too much variation from the present estimate of the size, we will be able to retail this large volume at a price of $12.95. 

In conclusion, the following: 

1. First of all, the committee extends a word of hearty thanks to all who have contributed to our publication fund. These contributions have come from all over our denomination; and it is gratifying to know of your tangible support. 

2. Remember, those of you who may still wish to contribute, that this “dogmatics project” is, hopefully, the first of our publishing efforts. More contributions are indeed welcome; and they will hasten the time when we can begin on another project. 

3. Watch for news of a pre-publication sale of Rev. Hoeksema’s dogmatics. The committee intends to conduct such a sale some months before publication date; and the pre-publication price will bring you handsome savings over the full retail price of $12.95. Do not write in now. There will be ample publicity when the time comes, and you will be kept informed.