Recently a brother gave me a printed report issued by the Committee on Un-American Activities in which they consulted a certain Dr. F.C. Schwarz, executive director of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. The consultation took place in the office of the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday, May 29, 1957. The report is the clearest and most vivid description of the threat of Communism we have ever read. The complete title of the report, written in large letters, is: Will You Be Free To Celebrate Christmas In The Future? 

The report is too long to quote in its entirety. We quote therefore the most important and interesting parts. The reader will understand that because the report is a consultation it appears in question and answer farm. The director of the Committee on Un-American Activities, Richard Arens, does most of the questioning, while Dr. Schwarz provides the answers. We may add here that Dr. Schwarz, who has offices both in Australia and Long Beach, California, is perhaps the best informed individual in the western world on the subject of Communism. Here follows the report in brief without further comment. 

Mr. Arens: May I pose this general question to you as a point of departure in your consultation with us today: How would you characterize or describe the ideology and morality of communism, and how, in your judgment, can that ideology and morality be countered or met in this world struggle? 

Dr. Schwarz: The ideology of communism is applied Godless materialism. The problem that perplexes many people is the overwhelming appeal that communism apparently exercises for the student mind. 

Mr. Arens: What is the nature of that appeal, Doctor? 

Dr. Schwarz: The nature of that appeal is a promise that the student can achieve two things by association with the Communist Party. He can participate in the conquest of the world and, following the conquest of the world, he can then participate in a program to change human nature, perfect human character, and populate the entire earth with a new quality of personality infinitely superior to any that history has ever known. The appeal that attracts the young student is almost a religious appeal that his life can be utilized for the regeneration of all mankind. 

Mr. Arens: Would you care to elaborate on that theme, Doctor? 

Dr. Schwarz I When you ask the Communist a simple question: “How are you going to change human nature?” they would answer with one word, and that word is “science,” “We are scientists. Science has changed the material world. Science has changed the world of animal husbandry. We can use science to change human nature itself.” 

This sounds very appealing. You can understand how this sounds to a young student infatuated with the techniques of science. To participate in using science for its greatest achievement is a seductive vision. 

However, to be scientific you must follow scientific laws, and Communism then proceeds to give its three scientific laws. These laws are as follows: 

The first one is “There is no God.” They are proudly, unashamedly atheistic in theory and in practice. When they deny God, they simultaneously deny every virtue and every value that originates with God. They deny moral law. They deny absolute standards of truth and righteousness. An entire civilized code of moral and ethical values is destroyed so that they are free to erect in their place new moral and ethical standards as the occasion demands. 

The second law of Communism is that man is a material machine. He is matter in motion and nothing more. Man is a body, and he is completely describable in terms of the laws of chemistry and physics. Man has no soul, no spirit, no significant individual value, no continuity of life. He is entirely an evolutionary product, the specie Homo sapiens, and subject to modification, adaptation, and transformation by the applied, established laws of animal husbandry. 

William Z. Foster, chairman of the American Communist Party, expresses it in his book, The Twilight of World Capitalism, which he wrote in 1949. In the last chapter, “The Advent of the Socialist Man,” he writes: 

“Henceforth, the evolution of human species must be clone artificially by the conscious action of man himself.” Their second law, therefore, is the material animal nature of man. 

The third law of communism is economic determinism. It states that the qualities of human intelligence, personality, emotional and religious life merely reflect the economic environment; that in the last analysis what we think, what we feel, what we believe, whom we love, and whom we worship is simply an expression of the environment in which we are raised, and since that environment is primarily concerned with economic forces, in the first analysis, man is a determined economic being. 

Mr. Arens: I can hardly restrain myself at this point from posing this question, even at the risk of breaking the theme: If the Communists major premise is correct, that you and I are not morally responsible, then why would the Communists in the same breath turn around and try to assess moral responsibility against what they describe as the capitalists? 

Dr. Schwarz: In the final analysis they do not do that. They consider themselves as superior to the capitalist as the farmer is superior to his animal. Moral responsibility is not involved. They understand capitalist motivation as the automatic outcome of the capitalist economics. Since the root is evil the fruit must be so. It is their duty to destroy the root and frequently the fruit. The concept of his moral guilt does not enter into it any more than when a farmer destroys an animal giving a positive tuberculin reaction. You do not consider that animal morally responsible. He belongs to a certain class which by reason of its association, has developed a certain potentially dangerous character, and no matter how splendid the animal, its destruction is obligatory. 

Communism rests on a class concept. They believe, the proletariat class is the progressive class of history and that the capitalist classes, the degenerate classes, are discarded by history and must be destroyed. To them this is the law of historical development. To argue on a bourgeois moral basis merely reflects degenerate class origin. 

Economic determinism is the third law of communism. 

Applying these laws, communism asserts that the environment of capitalism is a degenerative environment and it creates degenerate people. The responsibility for individual evil, for vice and crime, for selfishness and greed in all its manifestations is not that of the individual. It is the projection of the capitalist environment into the individual. 

The Communist believes that if you are going to change the individual, if you are going to change mankind, it is foolish to think that you can do it while the degenerative capitalist environment exists. First, you must conquer the world and, having conquered the world, you must destroy the capitalist environment which is built on profit, selfishness, and greed. You must replace it by socialism which is built on service, cooperation, and unselfishness, so that from birth the experiences of the environment will build into the character unselfishness, cooperation, and service, and as these children mature to adolescents and adults everyone will work because they love to work; everyone will give because it is better to give than to receive; the hand of no man will be raised in anger against his brother; there will no longer be any need for government and government will wither and die. There will be no need for a police force; there will be nothing for police to do. There will be no need for an income-tax department because everyone working, according to his natural impulses, gives of his best for the general well-being, and out of the abundance thus created retains only his own personal needs. Farewell anger, lust and greed, envy, malice and strife, pestilence and war; enter golden, companionable, cooperative brotherhood; mankind will live together in the glorious day of Communism that has dawned on the earth. 

Mr. Arens: How do you account for the fact that this ideology of communism, which is contrary to all that you and I as Christians—and I say it in the broadest term—people who believe in God and believe in spiritual values, how do you account for the fact that this force called Communism, evil as it is, unappealing as it is to those with any sense in them of goodness, is ,sweeping across the world with a speed that is hitherto unknown in the history of the world, that it now encompasses about one-third of the population of the world from a start of about 50 years ago? How do you account for that? 

Dr. Schwarz: First, the reason is their recruitment of the student intellectual, who is susceptible to the appeals of Communism by reason of his educational conditioning. He accepts that materialist foundation on which Communist ideology and morality is built. He is recruited in terms of his ideological pride. He is more intelligent than the average man, and he sees the opportunity to mold man and create history, whereas the dull, brutally driven herd sweeps on unaware of the forces that create it and drive it forward. He is one of the elite, the chosen, and the intellectual aristocracy. In combination with this intellectual pride, the religious nature of man demands a purpose in life; they find in this vision of human regeneration a religious refuge for their Godless hearts . . . . 

Mr. Arens: Doctor, with this record reflecting your comments on the ideology and morality of Communism, we would be very happy to have you proceed to give us your views on how the free world can meet and defeat the ideology of Communism. 

Dr. Schwarz: The first step of Communist conquest is the ideological conquest of the student mind. That is always the first step. Our first step should be the immunization of the student mind against that conquest by the Communists . . . 

The first thing is to educate young people who believe in their God, their country, their family, their Constitution, their liberty under law and who are proud of their heritage. They then will not easily be swayed by Godless, materialistic concepts . . . 

When we want people of the world to resist the Communist idea and to embrace the idea of freedom, we think that if we give them material benefits this will automatically come to pass, and so the idea is to give economic aid and military assistance in the expectation that Communism will lose its appeal and freedom will triumph. 

The foundation is wrong. Materialistic measures do not control the minds and the hearts of the people. This must be done in a more direct fashion. We need a scientific approach that will utilize the moral, cultural, and spiritual values in each of these countries. We need a loving, friendly, cooperative spirit and a direct approach to their minds and hearts to mobilize them against communism . . . 

Rev. M. Schipper