Ellicott’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 1, Genesis-Numbers

Ellicott’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. I, Gen. Numbers, by Chas. John Ellicott. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Eight volumes. Price per volume $5.95. 

In an introduction by Dr. Herbert Lockyer he writes: “No pastor’s study should be without this set of beneficial expositions. We have no hesitation of affirming that Seminaries? Bible Institutes and Christian Colleges adding Ellicott’s Commentary and the Whole Bible to their library will prove to be the most sought after work of its kind. Students for the ministry will not be long in discovering the rich mine of truth its pages contain.” 

With this we agree. It is a work which is easily accessible to every bible student. Also to those who prepare for their bible lesson in Sunday school or societies, we gladly recommend this work. 

Dr. Ellicott was an English divine of the nineteenth century, a scholar of the conservative type as his introductions to the various books of the Bible in his commentaries plainly reveal. To us he is better known for his critical and grammatical commentaries on several books of the New Testament than for his Commentary on the whole Bible. 

The first volume contains expositions on the books of Genesis to Numbers. We perused this volume and, on the whole, recommend it to our readers. It is a conservative exposition, very clearly written and faithful to the text of holy writ. He does not hesitate to defend the miraculous element in the Old Testament over against those who “among ourselves . . . accept the view of Hume, that it is more probable that the witnesses to miracles should have been deceived, than that the miracles should have happened.” p. 191. 

It stands to reason that, in a brief review of this kind, we cannot enter into a detailed criticism of the work. We do not always agree with the exposition. As an example we refer to the explanation of Ex. 4:21

But Zondervan rendered us a valuable service by republishing this work. And we heartily recommend, it to our readers.