This issue marks the beginning of the new volume (number 95) for the Standard Bearer, first printed in October of 1924. These “notes” will give readers a small preview of the coming year in the Standard Bearer.

Dordrecht, 1618-19

This volume year corresponds perfectly with the years of the “Great Synod”—the synod of Dordrecht held 400 years ago. God used this international gathering to reject Arminianism thoroughly and marvelously to uphold the doctrines of sovereign grace. Since the Standard Bearer is devoted to the Reformed truth, we are delighted to be able to join in the commemoration of Dordt. Prof. D. Kuiper will be giving brief historical sketches on the Synod, which have already begun to appear in the SB. Also, two special issues are planned. The Reformation issue (planned for Nov. 1) will emphasize the doctrine defended and maintained in the Canons of Dordt. In the Spring, a second issue is planned on “The Other Work of the Great Synod.”

Other changes in this volume year include the fol­lowing:

Rubric switching

Rev. Richard Smit, having returned to mission work in the Philippines, will be moving from “When Thou Sittest in Thine House” to “Go Ye into All the World.” Rev. Brian Huizinga is completing his series in “Strength of Youth” and will be joining Prof. Ronald Cammenga in “Taking Heed to Doctrine.” Rev. James Laning has ended his writing in that rubric and will be concentrating exclusively on “God’s Wonderful Works.”

Time off

Rev. Eric Guichelaar has asked for release from his writing in “All Around Us.” We reluctantly agreed, thanking him for his work in the last volume, and hoping he will soon be able to return to writing for the SB.


We welcome two new writers to the staff. Rev. Dan Holstege, missionary in the Philippines, will be writing in “Go Ye into All the World.” And Rev. Ryan Barnhill will begin composing for “Strength of Youth.”


We bid farewell to a long-time contributor to the SB. Rev. Rodney Miersma has decided to end his writing service to this magazine after 46 years. His first contribution appeared in August of 1971 when he was but a candidate for the ministry. In those years, one of the graduates of the Protestant Reformed Seminary gave a speech at graduation. Being the only graduate, the task fell to him. He addressed the audience gathered in Edgerton PRC (his home congregation) on the topic “The Minister and the Church Order,” which was soon printed in the SB. Rev. Miersma concluded in January of 2017 with the meditation “Running into the Strong Tower.” We thank the brother for his many articles through the years, as well as continuing to contribute to the SB long after his emeritation.

Finally, to all the staff, thank you for your dedication to the work. The great majority of the staff will contin­ue to fill the pages with meaningful, Reformed teaching. To all our readers, thank you for your support in this ef­fort. We are amazed at God’s goodness for allowing us to continue the publication of this Reformed magazine, and humbled that God uses us as weak means to pro­mote and defend His truth. May God keep us faithful.