New RFPA Catalogue. Within the past month a new catalogue of all our RFPA publications, plus most other Protestant Reformed publications, has become available. A supply of these catalogues should soon be available in many of the churches. But if you want one immediately, write to RFPA Publications, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501

Publication News. By the time this appears in print the third of our Bible manual series, Suffer Little Children, Book Three, will have come from the press, along with the pupil Workbook designed for grade three in our schools. The Workbook this time features the art work of a professional artist. He is Mr. Jeff Steenholdt, of our Kalamazoo congregation, who is now doing the art work for all our new publications.God’s Eternal Good Pleasure is at the press right now and should soon be at the bindery. Target date for its appearance is early fall. By the way, if you are aStandard Bearer subscriber, you can still join our RFPA Book Club. If you do, you will automatically receive all new RFPA publications (excluding educational books such as Suffer Little Children) at a 20% discount. You will also be entitled to purchase any RFPA publications in stock at that discount. To join, simply send a signed request to become a bookclub member. By the way, by joining you will also help us publish our books faster. The only thing that is preventing us from getting some projected publications finished more quickly is lack of liquid assets – spelled $$$$$! 

Bible Study Materials. With the start of the society season soon upon us, we wish to remind you that there is considerable literature available which would be helpful both for Bible discussion and for after-recess discussions in your societies. Not only are there several useful RFPA publications listed in our new catalogue, but there is a mass of material available from our Seminary. This includes such things as notes on Old Testament History, notes on New Testament History, notes on the first three chapters of Genesis by the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema, notes on the Church Order, notes on the Canons of Dordrecht, Discussion Outlines on the Book of Acts, etc. If interested, write to our Seminary Bookstore, 4949 Ivanrest, S.W., Grandville, Michigan 49418.

Increased Postal Costs. Our Business Manager informed me a few days ago that our Standard Bearerhas recently been victimized by some huge increases in mailing costs. Last month he figured the increase amounted to 23%! The result of this and some other cost increases has meant that what was once a very comfortable cash balance has been steadily decreasing, in spite of the fact that our subscription rate went up to $8.00. Please bear this in mind when you send your gifts or contribute to the collection for theStandard Bearer in your church.