Elsewhere in this issue the annual reports of the Board of our Reformed Free Publishing Association appear. Your editor delivered a brief speech at the rather poorly attended annual meeting, and was asked to place this speech in the Standard Bearer. This will appear in a later issue, D.V.

Work is proceeding as rapidly as possible on “Therefore Have I Spoken.” This is the title of the forthcoming biography of the Rev. Herman Hoeksema written by Gertrude Hoeksema. By the time the next issue comes out, we hope to have definite information as to publication date and advance orders.

Those interested in the work in Jamaica should take special note of Rev. Hey’s articles on “Sowing The Seed,” beginning in this issue.

Your attention is called to the Book Review department in this issue. Prof. Hanko’s review of the booklet dealing with Bible-reading is especially significant because it treats a subject which is vital to a correct understanding of the so-called “new theology” of today.