Once in a while when we try to plan a given issue, it turns out to be impossible to avoid breaking up an article and continuing it in the next issue. This happened in our December 1 issue, and the victim of the surgery was Rev. Kortering’s department. You will find the conclusion of his article on “The Error of Situations Ethics” in this issue.

The faculty of our Theological School is happy to announce that three more of our seminarians have been licensed, under faculty supervision, to speak a word of edification in our churches. They are Messrs. Rodney Miersma, James Slopsema, and Ronald VanOverloop.

By the time you receive this issue, the biography of Rev. Herman Hoeksema, “Therefore Have I Spoken,” should have come from the press, and copies should be on the way to those who ordered promptly. If you hurry, perhaps you can still get copies before Christmas. Use the order envelope which was enclosed in the Nov. 15 issue. If you have lost the envelope, send your order, accompanied by $5.95, to: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.