With this issue we begin a new volume, the forty-fourth! It is our purpose again to present in the pages of theStandard Bearer a well-balanced diet of pertinent comment about today’s ecclesiastical scene, particularly in the Reformed community, and of solid Scriptural and Reformed instruction. The new volume will bring no major changes in the format and content of our magazine; but a few minor ones may be noted. For one thing, you may expect to see in the future reports from our Mission Board and from our Theological School Committee concerning their activities. A second change will be the occasional appearance of a new department: Pages From The Past. This department will present articles from early volumes (some of which appeared in the Dutch and which will be translated). Articles will be selected that are pertinent, relevant, and valuable for their instruction today. We also will present Rev. D. Engelsma’s “Heeding the Doctrine” more often, after having given him a “breather” last year. The Rev. R. Decker will contribute five articles for “The Lord Gave The Word” (our missions rubric), substituting for Rev. C. Hanko, who was granted leave of absence for another year. And finally,—time and space permitting,—your editor will try to continue his series on the Netherland Confession of Faith in the department “The Voice of our Fathers.”

In behalf of our faithful News Editor may I once again plead that news from our Protestant Reformed Churches, schools, leagues, etc., be sent to him promptly and regularly. He cannot manufacture news though sometimes he is almost driven to attempt it. You will find his address in the masthead.

The beginning of the new volume serves as a reminder also that it is time to order your bound volumes if you do not have a standing order. This is the best way to preserve your Standard Bearer for future reference. Order soon from the Business Office, listed in the masthead. 

This is also a good time to order that subscription for a friend who ought to be a reader of our magazine. You can undoubtedly arrange to have his subscription begin with this October 1 issue. And $5.00 per year for 21 issues of the Standard Bearer is a bargain unequalled in the area of religious magazines.

While I am giving reminders, let me add one for “Reformed Dogmatics.” The season for society meetings is here. I and others have heard numerous comments from “laymen” about the value of “Reformed Dogmatics” as a study and reference work for their society studies. If you do not as yet have a copy in your personal library, order one now at the price of $14.95 from: RFPA, Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501.