In this issue you will find the first article by Rev. Andrew Lanning on the life and ministry of Rev. H. Danhof, a man whose name “has a prominent place” at the beginning of PRC history. But it may well be that many of theStandard Bearer readers know very little about Danhof. You will find this, and the subsequent articles, to be a fascinating account of the life of one of the three ministers deposed by the CRC in 1924, but who never became Protestant Reformed. Along the way, Rev. Lanning points out important lessons that can be drawn from the history. I look forward to the rest of the articles.

This issue also contains the fourth installment of Mr. Daniel Holstege’s translation from the Dutch of an old pamphlet never before put into the English language, that also has an important place in the history of the PRC.

By an oversight of the managing editor, the last installment of Rev. R. Hanko’s exposition of Malachi was overlooked. Here it finally appears (with the manager’s apologies).

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The Lord is coming. Look for Him.

O send the day of joy and light,

For long has been our sorrow’s night;

Afflicted through the weary years,

We wait until Thy help appears;

With us and with our sons abide,

In us let God be glorified.