Editor’s Notes

Blunder. We hope that all our readers realize that there was a serious blunder in the editorial columns of the June 1 issue. Part of my second editorial, which was an introduction to our critique of “Our Song of Hope,” was foolishly and inexcusably printed as though it were a continuation of the first editorial. The title appearing on page 391 should appear at the beginning of the first paragraph of column 2 on page 390. Responsibility for this blunder belongs not to us, but to our typesetter, Photo Composition Co.

Postponement. Due to lack of space, the critique of “Our Song of Hope” will not be continued in this issue. The discussion of this proposed new confession of the Reformed Church in America will be continued in the August 1 issue.

Reduced schedule. As is customary, the Standard Bearer appears only once per month during the summer.

Reminder. Have you mailed your pre-publication order for When I Survey . . . ? In case you mislaid the envelope which we furnished, any envelope will do. Mail your order (check for $8.40 enclosed) to Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.