The first note is to some of my delinquent fellow editors. You have all received a schedule informing you when the articles for your department are due. Whether you are observing this schedule or not is known to you and your editor in chief. The simple facts are, however, that the Standard Bearer runs on a rather tight schedule, and that this schedule calls for sufficient copy in the scheduled departments to fill our 24 pages. The cooperation of all is kindly but urgently requested, in order that allscheduled departments may appear as scheduled, and in order that the task of writing does not fall increasingly on the editorial department. And please do not think yourself too busy; aren’t we all?

To those who wrote in for complimentary copies of our new Protestant Reformed Theological Journal, this word of information. Our supply of the first issue was exhausted all too soon. If you have sent in your name and address, you will be on the mailing list for the second (Spring) issue. If you still desire to be placed on the mailing list, please send your request to Prof. H. Hanko,

Preliminary work is being done with a view to an eventual biography of the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema. Any of our readers who has any pertinent information, any interesting first hand anecdote, or any worthwhile photograph or snapshot is urgently invited to correspond with me. All helpful information is welcome; but especially information about Rev. Hoeksema’s early days in Chicago, his student days, and his early ministry is welcome. Any photographs which are loaned will be returned as soon as possible. Please do not be too quick to think that your information is already known or that it is not worthwhile. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If necessary, arrangements will be made for a taped interview.

Do you know that the Standard Bearer is more widely read than we sometimes dream? In fact, its witness goes literally to the ends of the earth. In a recent month, for example, requests for back issues were received from as far away as England and New Zealand. This is mentioned, not to brag, but to encourage both staff members and supporters of our magazine.