Call the Sabbath a Delight!

Welcome to our special issue on the Lord’s Day. The Old Testament name Sabbathemphasizes the truth that we are to rest in the mighty works of God, notably our salvation sealed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The New Testament name Lord’s Dayemphasizes that Jesus Christ is Lord of the entire Sabbath, and He determines what is right for the day. This special day, established by God as a creation ordinance, is one that even the ungodly cannot ignore totally. And yet, in both respects—as Sabbath and as the Lord’s Day—God’s law is trampled underfoot. That the unbelieving and ungodly do so is to be expected. What especially grieves God’s people is the sight of family members and churchgoers desecrating this day. Far greater sorrow we have at the realization of how little regard we believers have for it.

May God be pleased by this special issue to instruct, encourage, admonish us all in the profitable use of His day.

A hearty thanks to our regular writers as well as the special contributors, Rev. Mark Shand and Mrs. Michael Bosveld.