Editor’s Notes

Pre-publication Sale. Accompanying this issue is a handy envelope to make it easy for you to take advantage of the pre-publication sale of “Behold, He Cometh!” I cannot recommend this thorough and beautiful exposition of the Book of Revelation too highly. And therefore I urge you to send in your pre-publication order promptly. Fill in the information in the flap of the order-envelope, enclose your money, and mail your order today! If you wait until this February 1 issue is buried in your magazine rack, you will forget. And if you forget, you will regret!

Of special interest in this issue is a report from our Mission Committee. Be sure to read it. This is one of the periodic reports which the Standard Bearerpresents to keep our readers informed as to our mission activities our Theological School Committee.

In future issues, if you like to know what is coming, we hope to present the department Pages from the Pastmore frequently, so that our readers can maintain better continuity. The editor’s docket for the near future has on it: More On The School-Aid Issue, Developments in the Netherlands, The Christian Reformed Church and Kuitert’s Views, The Lost Art of Expository Preaching. These, plus all our regular departments, should keep you among our interested and informed and international (see Church News Dept.) readership.

A Question: What have you done to increase the outreach of the Standard Bearer lately?