Editor’s Notes


A word of thanks goes to Torch and Trumpet, organ of the Reformed Fellowship, for including the Standard Bearer in its “Survey. . .An Annotated Guide to Certain Magazines Current Among the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches.” This survey calls attention to our February 15 issue, particularly to four articles appearing therein. Our Standard Bearer likes to be noticed, and we thank “T and T” for this publicity. 


Billy Graham, as usual, receives a goodly measure of attention in many circles, and our magazine is no exception. Be sure to note what “All Around Us” has to say on the subject in this issue. Watch for a series of articles by Rev. R.C. Harbach in “Trying the Spirits.” This will be a rather detailed critique, and it is scheduled to begin in our July issue. How do I know? Rev. Harbach is always far ahead of schedule with his articles. 


Annually, our Standard Bearer Staff meets at the time of our synodical meeting in June. Although this may seem rather far off yet, that time will soon be here. At this meeting the Staff makes plans for the new volume-year of our magazine. Your editor suggests to his fellow editors that they give some thought to possible improvements to be decided upon at that meeting. We also invite our readers to send in any suggestions which they may have. The Standard Bearer is not interested in change for change’s sake, but in changes that are improvements; and we are always willing to listen. Any of our readers who has suggestions as to contents and department-alignments may write to the editor, and his suggestions will receive due consideration. 


Although this is not a formal resolution of the staff, I believe the entire staff would join me in expressing this word of sympathy to our faithful business manager, Mr. James Dykstra, in the recent death of his aged father, Mr. Bert Dykstra, who passed away rather suddenly on Wednesday, March 30. May our God comfort the bereaved.


Many of our readers are undoubtedly interested in progress being made on this project of publishing the late Rev. H. Hoeksema’s dogmatics. By the time this appears in print the last bit of typesetting will have been completed. After this, there remains the work of proof-reading and indexing before we actually go to press. Our readers may look for announcements of a pre-publication sale in the near future.