Editor’s Notes

Book Club Members. You are reminded that- if you have a change of address, you should notify our Business Manager. A notice of change of address for our Standard Bearer will not be sufficient, due to the fact that we keep a separate file for Book Club members. Hence, when you send in such a change for the Standard Bearer, add a note informing our Business Manager that you are also an RFPA Book Club member. And while we are on the subject, please send in change of address notices, if at all possible, at least three weeks in advance of moving. It will save us money and save you inconvenience. The address is: The Standard Bearer, P.O. Box 6064, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506.

Bound Volumes. Our September 15 issue marked the end of Volume 54. Those who have a standing order will receive their bound volumes as soon as these can be prepared and shipped. Those who do not have standing orders are invited to place an order for the Volume 54 and to get on the list for bound volumes. The price is $7.00. We also have available a limited number of past volumes—for those who want to build their libraries. Write the Business Office for complete information.

Publication News. With the Christmas season soon upon us, we urge you to take advantage of the book bargains from the RFPA which will be advertised in the next few issues of our Standard Bearer. Ordering these package deals (and we will ship them anywhere) is the easiest way to do your Christmas shopping. At the same time you will be helping the cause of the RFPA along. We want to sell books—so that we’ll have the cash to print more books. Incidentally, our cash situation has now improved to the point that we have sufficient funds to proceed with the publishing of our next new publication, Herman Hoeksema’s God’s Eternal Good Pleasure (Sermons on Romans 9-11).

Convocation Address. Be sure to read the transcript of Prof. Hanko’s Seminary Convocation Address in this issue. It is a piece of necessary instruction. By the way, there was neither collusion nor planned cooperation in the fact that his address and my recent editorial touched on the same subject. This was a matter of happy coincidence.