Editor’s Notes

Price Increase. The pressures of inflation have forced the Board of the R.F.P.A. to increase the subscription price of our Standard Bearer to $9.00 per year. Substantial increases in publishing costs at every level make this necessary. We trust that our readers will understand and will realize that at less than 50¢ per issue the Standard Bearer is still a good magazine bargain. Let me take this opportunity also to suggest and urge that our churches inflate their collections for the Standard Bearer.

Book Close-out. As noted before, our Publications Committee is in need of hard cash to proceed with various publishing projects. Inflation is striking in this area also. In order to realize some cash, the RFPA Publications Committee announces the following: 

1) A bargain basement close-out on God’s Covenant Faithfulness. All remaining copies of this book, which will not be reprinted, will be sold for $2.95. Since this is already a 50% discount, this price is not subject to a further RFPA Book Club discount. 

2) We have a small number of copies of Reformed Dogmatics and Behold, He Cometh! on hand which are still available at the old price of $9.95, subject to Book Club discount. Both of these books are already in process of reprinting, but inflation is forcing us to increase the price of both to $12.95. If you want a bargain, hurry! The old price will hold only as long as the supply lasts.

Begging for Help! Our next large RFPA book will be my The Voice Of Our Fathers (An Exposition of the Canons of Dordrecht). It is already in process, but cannot be completed until we have more cash on hand. It is estimated that the total cost of this project will be in the neighborhood of $14,000. Since the beginning of our organization we have not asked for contributions. But we could surely use some good-sized gifts right now. I am thinking in terms of gifts of $500 or $1000. This would speed up our publishing process. We do have several projects on our waiting list! Send your gifts to: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, MI. 49501.