Editor’s Notes

Bound Volumes. Our Business Manager has informed me that bound volumes from now on will cost $8.00. This price increase is necessary because of increased costs of production and postage. Even at $8.00, of course, a 500-page volume is still a bargain. If you do not have a standing order for your bound volume and desire to obtain one, be sure to write promptly to our Business Office.

In This Issue you will find a special article which you should be sure to read. It is from the pen of one of our department editors, Rev. Heys. However, he reports from “down under,” rather than writing for his usual department. I am sure Rev. and Mrs. Heys would be happy to hear from our people. Their address is: 449 Halswell Rd., Christchurch 3, New Zealand. Be sure to send your letters by air mail; surface mail requires about two months.

Publication Note. We have had several inquiries about our next new publication, Herman Hoeksema’s God’s Eternal Good Pleasure. We may report that it is now at the typesetter’s, but that it will be several months before it is available. In fact, no price has been set as yet. You will be notified in plenty of time when this volume is ready to come from the press.

Last Minute Orders. The time is long past for pre-Christmas book orders from outlying areas, of course. But in the immediate Grand Rapids area, I’m sure, you can place a last minute order with our Business Manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal, by telephone. You can reach him at 243-2953.