Editor’s Notes

Subscription Price Increase. The Board of the RFPA informs me that effective March 1 the price of theStandard Bearer will increase to $8.00 per year ($6.00 for Australasian subscribers). This is an increase of $1.00 since October, 1968. We have no excuses, only reasons. Frankly, this increase is unrealistic: it does not even keep up with inflation (which since 1968 would have meant a 100% increase) or with legitimate increased costs of production. We have no qualms, therefore; nor have we any fears that our subscribers will forsake us because of this small increase. Meanwhile, we wish to emphasize that well over HALF of our productions costs are met by gifts from congregations and individuals. If it were not for these gifts, I fear our magazine would be priced right out of existence! May I dare to suggest that WE should also inflate our GIFTS? That would serve two ends: 1) Avoid further increase in subscription rates. 2) Enable our Board to engage in increased witnessing via our magazine. May I also urge, as I have so many times before, that YOU make it your personal business to gain new subscribers and readers for our magazine? What have you done lately???

Apologies to Rev. Heys. There must have been some gremlins at work at our typesetter’s shop. In his report from “down under” (Dec. 15 issue) two paragraphs were transposed, with the result that Rev. Heys’s report began with “But . . . .” If you were confused, try starting the report with the first two paragraphs of page 141, column one. Then go back to page 140. Sorry, Rev. Heys!

Advance Notice, Western Michigan Readers! A last minute telephone call before the deadline for this issue asked me to inform you that the Spring Lecture in this area will be held, D.V., on May 2. Reserve the date, please. Did you say “spring”? As I write this, the thermometer reads 2 degrees above zero (F.), and there are some 21 inches of snow on the ground!

Book Suggestion. Our editorial department has been devoted lately to the subject of the covenant. Would you like to do more of an in-depth study of this important subject? Let me recommend Herman Hoeksema’s Believers And Their Seed. I recommend the whole book, but especially Chapters 5-11. You can obtain it for $1.95 in the paperback edition. Write to: RFPA Publications, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.

Covenant Church, Wyckoff NJ. Somehow or other a couple of things went wrong with Covenant Prot. Ref. Church’s attempt to advertise their bonds. That this little and isolated congregation needs help with their building project, no one can doubt. One way of helping is to respond to their appeal to purchase their bonds (see Dec. 15 issue). At least, write for their Prospectus to find out whether you can help and whether you fit into their plans. Write to: Mr. Clarence De Groot, 176 Prescott Ave., Prospect Park, N.J. 07508. Phone: (201) 278-6791.

Reminder. Questions for Question Box must be signed—and not with a pseudonym. They will not be published with your name, but they must be signed in order to be accepted for publication and answer.