Editor’s Notes

Seminary Convocation. September 2 marked the beginning of a new term for our Protestant Reformed Seminary. This year we have seven students in our seminary department and four in our pre-seminary department. A goodly and interested audience joined us at our Fall Convocation at Southeast Church on the evening of school opening. Prof. Hanko was our convocation speaker this year. You can share a little in our convocation via the transcript of his address in this issue.

New Volume. With this issue we begin a new volume—the fifty-eighth—of our Standard Bearer. There is only one change in our staff this year: Rev. Carl Haak will replace Rev. Wayne Bekkering, who tendered his resignation but will function as a guest writer. We have some special plans again this year; but we’ll save them for a surprise! We cherish your continued support and prayers as we continue this work.

Publication News. The RFPA Publications Committee expects to come out with two significant paperbacks this fall. One is already being printed; the other will soon be sent to the printer. They will be priced at $3.95 each. The two books are: We And Our Children (The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism),byProf. Hanko, and a reprint of Herman Hoeksema’sIn The Sanctuary. Both will make excellent additions to your library of Reformed literature. So why don’t you join our RFPA Book Club and make sure that you get these books automatically (and at 20% discount) as soon as they come from the press? By the way, we expect that both books will be ready well before Christmas, too; and they will make excellent gifts to that friend who has everything.