Editor’s Notes

Volume 51 began with our October 1 issue. You probably have already noticed one of the changes for this volume-year—in the Meditation department; and there are a couple more. First of all, the Meditationdepartment this year will be shared by Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. M. Schipper, and Rev. H. Veldman. A second change will be the dropping of the departmentContending for the Faith for the time being—as soon as the current supply of articles for this department which I have on hand is exhausted. A third change is the revival of the department The Voice of our Fathers, which will feature an exposition of the Belgic Confession by Prof. Robert Decker. And finally, from time to time we will feature special articles written by some of our ministers who are not staff members.

A Special Report on the Second General Assembly of the infant Presbyterian Church in America (formerly the National Presbyterian Church) appears in this issue. This, our readers may recall, is the new denomination which was formed by those who separated from the Southern Presbyterian Church because of apostasy. The report is from the pen of Rev. Eugene C. Case, a recent graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi) and now a pastor in the new denomination. Pastor Case is a reader of ourStandard Bearer and other literature; and we have had some occasional correspondence. We thank Rev. Case for his willingness to furnish this report.

Publication News. To my dismay, the announcement of the Pre-publication Sale of our newest RFPA publication, Peaceable Fruit, was omitted from the October 1 issue. Besides, from more than one source I was needled for putting the announcement in the special anniversary issue because, it was claimed, people did not want to cut up that issue; someone even said it was poetic justice that the ad was on the back side of my own article in that issue! Besides, our Business Office reports that the pre-publication orders are trickling in very slowly. So here is a reminder to take advantage of this special offer. You will find an order form elsewhere in this issue. If you don’t like to cut up your Standard Bearer, you don’t have to use the form; but do send in your order by November 1—the cut-off date on the special price. For those who are thinking of Christmas gifts, we have been assured that copies of this new 310-page book will be available in time for Christmas.

About THE PSALTER. Recently it was called to my attention that copies of our book of praise, THE PSALTER, were not available. Because of this, and because our RFPA Publications Committee was mildly interested in a possible reprint, I inquired from the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. And I received the following reply which will be of interest to our people and churches: “Thanks for your note concerning THE PSALTER. It just so happens that our plant has delivered a new printing of THE PSALTER, so it is now in good supply.”