Elsewhere in this issue you will find an article from the pen of Dr. John R. de Witt, of Kingstree, South Carolina. The reader will recall that some months ago Dr. de Witt wrote two articles for our magazine on “The Crisis in the Southern Presbyterian Church.” These articles brought a critical response from Dr. James Daane in a recent issue of the Reformed Journal. Upon noticing said response, I invited Dr. de Witt to reply if he saw fit to do so. Our readers will understand, I am sure, that placement of Dr. de Witt’s reply does not necessarily imply agreement and endorsement of all of his positions; and Dr. de Witt himself understands this, too. In fact, to enliven the discussion your editor may probably reflect on some matters in the current article. But if I have any disagreements with Dr. de Witt, and he with me, they are the disagreements of friends. The points touched on by Dr. de Witt will, I think, be clear even though the reader does not have access to Dr. Daane’s article. And I believe that the thoughts expressed by Dr. de Witt will prove stimulating with respect to the whole subject of church reformation. Incidentally, I recently had the opportunity to renew acquaintances with friend de Witt and his gracious wife, and to talk over many church matters of mutual interest in an evening’s visit which proved to be all too brief.

An old-new rubric appears in this issue, with the Rev. J. Kortering as department editor. In The Voice of our Fathers Rev. Kortering takes up the exposition of our Netherlands Confession of Faith at the point where I dropped it several years ago when the duties of editor were laid upon me. Be sure to follow this instructive series, which will alternate with Rev. Kortering’s writings for The Strength of Youth. Watch the November 15 issue for a repeat of the green insert and its attractive combination book-and-subscription offers. This will be the last time before Christmas that these offers will be made. So if you have any ideas about giving someone a most excellent Christmas gift (Think of it! The Standard Bearer and RFPA books!), be sure to act promptly. And at inflation-fighting prices, too!