TO OUR CONSTERNATION we discovered that a horrible mistake was made in Rev. Harbach’s department, Studies In Election. What happened? Rev. Harbach is a department editor who gets his copy in to the editor far in advance. To help our typesetting service we send in Rev. Harbach’s copy in advance also; this gives the typesetter a running start on preparation of the Standard Bearer. Since these articles are all numbered, we expect our typesetting service to place them in the Standard Bearer in proper succession. All went well until our May 1 issue, when “Its Evidences” was printed. And then a large portion of Rev. Harbach’s series was inadvertently skipped, so that in the August issue and the October 15 issue you will find a portion of “15. Its Resistance.” In consultation with Rev. Harbach, I decided that the best way to remedy partially this mistake was to publish all of the omitted material in this issue. The reader should understand (if he wants to get the continuity) that this material follows immediately upon that in the May 1 issue, and it precedes the material in the August and October 15 issues. Next time, after we are back on the track, we will continue where we left off in the October 15 issue. Our admonitions have gone to the typesetting service, and our apologies to Rev. Harbach.

Due to lack of space, our discussion of the proposed union of RPs and OPs will have to be postponed until the next issue.

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