Editor’s Notes

IT ISN’T THAT WE DON’T TRY. But our plans and instructions are not always carried out by our typesetting service, Photo Composition; and this can be very frustrating for the one who gives the instructions. Please turn to your last Standard Bearer, and write, Volume XLIX, Number 5, December 1, 1972″ in the lower right-hand corner of the cover. Our apologies, too, to Rev. Kortering for the “goof” in his department. There could at least have been a colon between “Article 14” and “Pre-Adamite Man?”

PUBLICATION NEWS. The RFPA Publications Committee has had its first sell-out. The first printing ofReformed Dogmatics is now completely sold out. Hopefully; our second, corrected, printing will be available by about February 1. And here is good news: the second edition will sell for only $9.95. How’s that for inflation-fighting? We are passing on to you the savings realized through elimination of typesetting costs on this second edition. The “Dogmatics” was our first and most expensive publication venture; to come out even, we had to sell it for $14.95. But we are happy to pass on to you this $5.00 saving. Incidentally, for those who are interested in statistics, Behold He Cometh is our best seller. We are nearing the 2,000 mark on it. And it has gone all over the world, too!

FOR YOUR HOME LIBRARIES. The Rev. Kuiper’s article in this issue reminded me to inform you that our seminary has a good many mimeographed publications. In many instances these would be useful not only to ministers and students, but to all our people. Even in those which may have some Greek and Hebrew in them you will find much helpful instruction; but many also do not contain any foreign languages which you have to skip. If you are on our Theological Journal mailing list, you will automatically receive a complete listing with the next issue of the Journal. For the time being, I will list just a few titles and prices in which you might be interested. These are all mimeographed, paper covers, and bound with plastic ring-binders. You can obtain them by writing to Mr. Arie den Hartog, our seminary Bookstore Manager, c/o Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, 114.5 Franklin St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507. To save book-keeping, please enclose payment with your order. Here are a few of our titles: 

Chapel Talks on the Parables in Matthew (Rev. H. Hoeksema), $3.00 

Epistle to the Romans, Chapters 1-3 (Rev. H. Hoeksema), $2.50 

Ancient Church History (Rev. G.M. Ophoff), $1.50 

Ancient Church History (Prof. H. Hanko), $2.00 

Medieval Church History (Prof. H. Hanko), $2.50 

The Canons of Dordrecht

Outlines (Rev. H. Hoeksema), $1.50 

OT History: The Prediluvian Period (Prof. H.C. Hoeksema), $2.50 

OT History: The Bondage and Exodus (Prof. H.C. Hoeksema), $2.50 

Some of our syllabi are currently in low supply and about to be reprinted; we will list them later. We also have a few new ones in the process of preparation; these, too, will be announced when ready.