Editor’s Notes

We trust that our readers know the difference between a meditation and a lecture,. and that they understood that Prof. Hanko’s lecture was mistakenly printed under the caption “Meditation” in the August 1 issue. The error is not to be charged to the staff, but to the printer. Another error appeared in my book review of Promise and Deliverance. The words “a big extravagant”—lest any misunderstood—were not intended to be “a big extravagance,” but “a bit extravagant.”

An interesting Special Report appears in this issue; be sure to read it. We thank Pastor Eugene C. Case, of the Presbyterian Church of Woodville, Mississippi, for his report on the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Were you wondering about the outcome of the drive for RFPA Book Club members? Our Business Manager reports that we fell far short of the goal of 400 members. Only 257 have signed up. Our thanks to those 257!

As most of our readers are aware, four of our ministers have retired over the course of the past year. Synod of 1978 wished to take cognizance of this and commissioned Prof. Decker to write an article of appreciation and commemoration in this connection. This article appears in the current issue.