Guest Article. In this issue you will find an interesting and significant article by the Rev. Euguene C. Case, of the First Presbyterian Church (PCA) of Woodville, Mississippi. Be sure to read it. And: Thanks, Pastor Case!

Report on Synod-1979. This year’s Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches made several significant decisions. In fact, in more than one respect it was a significant and forward-looking synod. The official report will come several weeks from now in the Acts. In this issue you will find an unofficial report and summary from the pen of Rev. G. Van Baren, who was president of this year’s synod.

Question Box. At our recent annual Staff meeting, it was called to my attention that Question Box has appeared only once in the current volume. It stands to reason that our Question Box editor, Rev. C. Hanko, can hardly furnish answers if he receives no questions. Please send in your questions to our editorial office. Remember the rule: all correspondence must be signed, though we do not publish the names of questioners.