Editor’s Notes

Two New Departments In this issue we are introducing another new department, The Signs of the Times. Rev. G. Van Baren, who formerly wrote on matters ecumenical, will be the editor of this department, which is scheduled to appear in alternate issues. Not really a new department, but nevertheless an innovation, is the letter from the seminary faculty which appears in this issue. We hope to carry similar letters from time to time; and these will serve as somewhat of a replacement for news articles from the Theological School Committee. 

Sharing A Good Report Recently in a personal letter from a friend with several contacts in Australia, I received the following encouraging report: “Your Standard Bearer is very much appreciated, mainly for its sound Reformed position.” At the same time this friend sent us three new addresses of potential new readers in that far away land.


The letter from the Seminary Faculty invites you to write to the librarian or to the bookstore manager, but furnishes no address. Here it is: 1145 Franklin St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507.

Publication News It won’t be long now, andBelievers And Their Seed will be coming from the presses. I have had a preview of this 159-page book, its jacket, and its binding; and I believe this will be in every way an attractive publication—above all, for its worthwhile contents. We have not yet set a definite price on the book; but judging from our cost estimates, the price will also be very attractive. This is a little book which all of you ought to have. Watch for further announcements!