Editor’s Notes

Publication News If our book binder keeps his promise, the latest RFPA publication, Believers And Their Seed, should be on the market by the time this issue reaches you. This is a 159 page translation of the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s De Geloovigen en Hun Zaad. And here is the nice part of it: the RFPA is able to offer you this book at the bargain price of $2.95! We urge you to send in your orders immediately. If you hurry, you can even obtain copies for Christmas gifts yet! This book should be in all our homes. The old timers among us have undoubtedly read it in Dutch; but now this little gem is available in English. And if you want a brief, succinct, clear explanation of our covenant view, of the place of children in the covenant, and of the relation of the covenant and infant baptism—this is it! Send your order to: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. We are also happy to announce that the out of print book by Rev. Hoeksema, Whosoever Will, originally printed by the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, is going to be published by the RFPA in paperback, at a price of $1.95. Watch for further announcements.

United Kingdom News Last year several of us in the Grand Rapids area became acquainted with the Reverend Stanley R. Baxter, of the Free Church of England. In this issue we are presenting his first report of English church news of interest to Reformed people. He has graciously promised us periodic reports. We hope you will enjoy these contributions. And we say a hearty “thanks” to Rev. Baxter.

Your Special Attention is called to the Report and Critique on a Charismatic Renewal Meeting contributed by our seminary students. It is placed with the thought that it would be instructive, interesting, and timely to have a first hand report on a burning issue of the day.

Do You Know that some of our ministers are preaching in New Zealand? No, not in person, but by means of tape recordings. With the financial backing of the Mission Committee and through the efficient work of our ever ready business manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal, taped reproductions of services of First Church, Grand Rapids, recently began to make their way to those islands of the sea. I understand some recordings also began a journey to Northern Ireland recently. Yes, the Lord is giving us work to do and an open door—both near and far!