Note of Thanks. I take this means of saying “thanks to all who remembered me in various Ways in connection with my recent ear surgery. It was good to experience concretely the communion of saints in this way. I may report that the surgery was apparently successful, that I am well on the way to recovery, and that I am getting back in the “harness”—at least partly.

Anniversary News. Some of you know already that plans are under way in connection with next year’s Fiftieth Anniversary of our denomination to have a denominational celebration at which, as much as possible, our people from throughout the country will gather at the time of our annual Young People’s Convention. In this connection, I was recently informed that the convention is scheduled next summer, the Lord willing, for the week of August 4. It was suggested to me that perhaps some of our people who must plan their vacation dates far in advance would be interested in this information. The secretary of the Fiftieth Anniversary Committee, Rev. J. Kortering, has also promised an informative article in the near future.

Unfinished Business. In response to my last article on the subject of a possible CRC-PRC conference, I have received a letter from the Board of Reformed Fellowship (publishers of The Outlook). However, this letter requires some clarification; and until that clarification is received, I will not divulge its contents.

Lecture. Your editor has received and accepted an invitation from Calvin Seminary (via Dr. Henry Stob) to deliver a lecture at 10 A.M. on Thursday, December 19, on the subject, “After Fifty Years.” For any of our readers who might be able to attend and who receive this issue of the Standard Bearer before that time, the lecture is open to the public. For those unable to attend, I do plan to publish a transcript of my lecture in a future issue.

Question Box. There are a couple of questions on the waiting list. Due to being sidelined for a couple of weeks I have had to put the Question Box chore aside for a while. Please be longsuffering, and I will try to answer.F