Editor’s Notes

. Singaporean Guest Article

In this issue you will find a very interesting account of the history of the G.L.T.S. by a member of the Executive Committee of that organization, Francis Quek. (His full name is Francis Quek Kok How. By the way, the Francis is a Christian name, such as many of the young people add to their Chinese names. But do not be misled by the “Kok”. That has no connection with the Dutch name Koh.) The article was originally intended for our Mission Issue. Lack of space and the length of the article prevented its publication in that issue; and we did not want to spoil it by publishing it in two installments. Hence, read and enjoy it in this issue.

Publication Note 

Some weeks ago we promised that all our RFPA publications would soon be back in print. To our dismay, however, we recently learned that 1,000 unbound copies of Prof. H. Hanko’s Mysteries Of The Kingdom were inadvertently destroyed by our bindery. There will be a considerable delay, therefore, before this book will again be available. When we reprint, we want to make some necessary corrections and also add a textual index. Sorry for the delay! And please, especially those of you who have already ordered the book, have patience. The delay will be several months.