Editor’s Notes


This seems to be the issue for department changes. Rev. R.C. Harbach has finished his series of Studies in Election; in this issue he begins a series of Studies in Isaiah. Rev. G. Lubbers is back in the departmentFrom Holy Writ; and he will continue his exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews. The new subject for Rev. H. Veldman’s Contending for the Faith will be Eschatology, or the doctrine of the last things. Speaking of changes, Rev. Engelsma has also promised one for Taking Heed To The Doctrine; he proposes to present a study of what is called “Hyper-Calvinism,” which should appear in the near future. 

Publication News 

By the time you read this, as many as three of our RFPA publications might be temporarily unavailable.Reformed Dogmatics and Behold He Cometh are at the bindery; we hope to have them soon. If you have an order in for either of these volumes, please be patient. As soon as we receive a new supply, we will mail your copy. Our only paperback, Whosoever Will, priced at $1.95, sold far beyond our expectations. The Publications Committee had expected a rather slow sale, due to the fact that this was a reprint. However, our current supply is sold out; a new printing of 2,000 is being ordered, and copies will soon be available. Needless to say, the Publications Committee is always happy about sell-outs of this kind. 

Question Box 

Questioners, please have patience. I have several questions on hand; but, as you tell from this issue, we currently have an abundance and a wide variety of articles to present. Question Box cannot have unlimited space; but in due time we will try to answer all questions.