Editor’s Notes

By the time this appears in print, we are assured, Volume 3 of The Triple Knowledge, An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, will at long last be available—at the price of $8.95. This means that the entire reprinted set is now available. For those who have not purchased the volumes separately, the complete set can be purchased for $24.95. And, by the way, these books would make a fine graduation gift for someone! If you hurry, you can get them before most graduation dates! 

We call special attention to two articles in this issue. First of all, we mention Prof. Hanko’s critique of Key ’73 and of the book Who In The World? Secondly, we call attention to Rev. Decker’s, first (of two) article on Pentecostalism. Read these for yourselves, and be instructed. And when you have finished, pass them on to a concerned Christian Reformed, friend. Or better still, send that friend a gift subscription under our TEN for TWO introductory offer.