We take this means of expressing, in behalf of the Staff, our sympathy to our Business Manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal, in the recent death of his aged mother, Mrs. Dena Vander Wal, a charter member of the First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. May the Lord grant comfort according to need, and give the joy of resurrection-hope.

Key ’73: What Must We Say About It? will be ready in pamphlet form by the time you read this announcement. Single copies or quantity supplies may be had for the asking. Write to our business office: The Standard Bearer, P.O. Box 6064, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. If you have already written earlier, you need not repeat the request. Our Business Manager will fill all back orders.

We must apologize for the tardy appearance of the reprint of Reformed Dogmatics. We had expected it from the bindery in June; at this writing we dare not set a new date. We hope it will be ready by the time this appears in print. To those of you with back-orders: Don’t worry. Our business manager is keeping careful record of all orders; you will receive your copy as soon as possible.