Editor’s Notes

TEN for TWO Progress Report. From our Business Manager comes the information that our TEN for TWO introductory offer of 10 issues of our Standard Bearer has thus far brought us 161 new readers, the 161st being from Hawaii! A remarkable response, far beyond our expectations, for which we are thankful! Oh, yes, I should also mention that among our new readers are 15 from the far away land of New Zealand. To all our new readers, welcome! We also invite your comments and opinions. We invite you, too, to take an active part in our Question Box. In due time, you will also be invited by our Business Manager to become regular subscribers.

Only One Issue in August. Following our usual publication schedule, we will publish only one issue during the month of August. This gives all of us on the staff a “breather.” In September we will return to our regular schedule of two issues per month.

Staff Changes. Speaking of returning to our regular schedule, our Staff has made a couple of changes for the new volume year which begins in October. Rev. Dale Kuiper, who contributed several guest articles this year, will take the department In His Fear on a regular basis. Rev. Jay Kortering will divide his efforts between The Strength of Youth, for which he has been writing in the past, and Voice of our Fathers, in which he will comment on our confessional heritage. Rev. Robert Decker will share the exegetical department, From Holy Writ, with Rev. Lubbers in the coming year. And Rev. David Engelsma will begin a series of doctrinal studies.