HELP! A committee from our Staff and from the Board of the R.F.P.A. is working on plans to observe the 50th Anniversary of the Standard Bearer. Our fiftieth year begins with the next volume, starting October 1. And plans are to observe this occasion throughout the year, building up to the actual anniversary at the end of the year. Volume 50, then, will be the 50th Anniversary Volume. In connection with these plans, the committee has a request for help. Do any of our readers have pictures or other memorabilia directly or indirectly connected with the Standard Bearer and its publication? Pictures of the former editors, particularly of “H.H.” and “G.M.O.” are wanted: not necessarily formal photographs, but also some pictures of “human interest.” The committee wants these for a projected historical series. So if you have any pictures or anything else which you think might be of interest, send it in, please! And if you wish to have it returned, be sure that your name and address is on it. Send these materials to: Prof. H. Hanko, 4665 Ju-Le-On Dr., S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. Please don’t wait! Sorry! Throughout Prof. Hanko’s critique of Dr. Berkouwer’s book in the August issue the author’s name was misspelled. Neither Prof. Hanko nor I caught the mistake. In fact, I compounded it by spreading it in large letters on the cover. Nihil humanum alienum mihi est!

Be sure to read the Progress Report by Rev. VanBaren. I may add that there has been more progress. The underground plumbing and heating work has been completed. Soon the floor will be poured, and then you will see the superstructure go up. In fact, you will already find a corner of brick up. Just a little anecdote in this connection. My usually precise colleague in his article made the seminary address 5 101 Ivanrest. Curious, because I was sure .the address was in the 4900-block, I asked him where he got the address. Reply: “I was just guessing that had to be it.” So I went to “headquarters,” and I learned that it is 4949 Ivanrest. How about all those 49’s! 4949 Ivanrest, and it will be ready for use in the 49th year of our churches’ existence.